read cast crew


what's the comic schedule?

wednesdays and fridays: first 10 updates/30 pages fridays: everything after that

what are the inspirations behind this comic?

sparklecare hospital animation....

what types of fanart/fan content are okay?

i'm fine with pretty much anything other than gore and immoral things like proships and such. nsfw is eeeeh....just dont tell me about it.

how do i join the team?

this google form! you have to have discord.

is it okay to dub/translate/make aus of the comic?

as long as i know about dubs/translation projects, go ahead! for aus, as long as theres nothing problematic then have fun with it!


why is quazar doing what he's doing?

he doesn't really have much of a motive himself. he just wants to see people hurt because he felt like everyone was out to get him or something idk... not every villain needs a motive

are any characters queer or disabled, etc?

nearly every single character is.

how do you feel about headcanons?

as long as you dont say canon is wrong, go ahead :3 /pos quazar headcanons are completely off the table though.

what about kins?

ssssure? kinning (as in relating) is fine! but im not really educated enough on irls and fictionkins to make a point as a system with mostly negative experiences... /nm

who's your favorite character?

favorite designs: asterisk, radar
favorite characters: ray, jack (v1), alex

who's your LEAST favorite character?

quazar. hes based on REAL people who did bad things to me. please dont say anything pos about him. this also applies to the parents of jack and lilac.


is shipping ok?

as long as it doesn't involve quazar, sure!

are any ships canon?

lijack/burnbird (flare/jack), solarflare (flare?star), rock/sadswag (sock/ray), flamin hot wings (ray/flare), sour headlines/pink rainfalls (adrien/alex), oldrien (oliver/adrien), olice (oliver?alice), and more!

is oc x canon/selfshipping ok?

im a bit ehh on this, but it's not hurting anyone so sure!


[character] really reminds me of-

that's great, but please don't compare my ocs to others, thanks!